Welcome to Nemesis Game Studios

Thank you for visiting our website, It's fans and visitors like you that keep us working hard to release the best games we can.

Here at NGS we strive to create games that utilize what players want, we want to have the features you want in games you love to play, for us it's not all about the graphics, it's about game-play, re-playability and good old fashioned fun, Ok so we have no games yet........ but bare with us, we are working on our first project and we hope you will find that it's worth the wait.


Recently we had a bit of a set back, our team went from 4 members down to 2, though things will move slower now, it won't stop us from moving forward with the project, all it really means is that Scott (that's me!) is now learning to program so we can continue as planned and get our proof of concept finished so that we can get our Kickstarter live.

So as mentioned above our team is now made up of 2 people, we have Nicholas the sound guy and Scott the designer/artist/animator, soon to be designer/artist/animator/programmer/exhausted mess..... most of the time the boss delegates, but in this case the boss is doing everything lol, but on the positive side I have learned HTML/CSS already, if you have ever seen our old website then you will notice that our new website is MUCH better because the old website was created with a website builder (by me) and if I am being honest with you, it sucked! I hope this website is better for everyone because it's made with HTML/CSS!!