Latest News

I know it’s been a long time but recently we have had some setbacks and i now have a 2 month old daughter, life has been pretty busy, the team has also been downsized until we can make enough of the game to get a kickstarter project going, funding = paid team members lol, so as of now it is only me and Nick, i didn’t want to let the others go but at the end of the day i had to ask myself, if the team isn’t working, why are they there? so now i am taking on the task of learning programming, doing art/animation and design, lots to do and not much free time to do it, wish me luck lol.


What have we been doing?

So as some of you may know, recently i have been working on our new logo, building the website and of course re re-building it again into the lovely simple site you seen now, i have been trying to get whatever i can done, but as i am working alone on the logo and website i have been trying to pace myself (though failing miserably) of course that just means things get done in quick bursts, the logo is pretty much complete and the website may have taken about a week to re-build but as a team we are all happy with the new design, now i will be taking some time to relax and spend time living and having family time.


Logo Update

So just a quick update, though i am sure you have noticed, i spent most of yesterday creating and designing our company logo, i am not a professional artist so i did the best i could, i will likely be adding to it and editing it over time until i am happy with the final result lol.

I am a family man so the time i have to work all depends on whether i can get any peace and quiet lol, though luckily, recently i have had quiet, even with a 5 year old son playing games in the same room, not sure how that’s happened.